Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to my life and death

Here I reveal a life that most will think is fiction because I will talk about things that a great many people in power want kept secret and they will most likely try to discredit me and I will most likely have an unfortunate accident in the near future. I have lived by the sword and I most likely will die by the sword. Hopefully with my own sword and my honor intact. I hope that you the average person will listen carefully to what I have to say here for you will hear some very uncomfortable truths including the fact that your a slave to the shadow government. Think that is impossible think about your pitiful little life what do you do. You wake up at a certain time to work for someone else most likely you work, eat and sleep on their terms so you are provided with lifes necessity's and if your real good you get a few days to yourself every year. Oh and you get to give a sizable portion of your income to the government. But you say you have a wife and kids again they are regulated by the man and the government. I believe in Rome these people were called slaves and that is what most people really are and the shadow government runs your lives for you, whether you like it or not. Welcome to the real world slave of the shadow government. Perhaps that is hard for you to take but I'm done with lies and will only speak the truth here. Your life is not your own and there is no freedom except what the elite rich, bankers, and the shadow government allow you to have. Most of you are slaves and welcome to the realization of your real place in life.

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