Thursday, April 22, 2010

First of many Ops

I remember the adrenaline rush I got when I was assigned on of many missions. This was a test mission and all other avenues had been exhausted. I was told that some high ranking military personal had been captured by a terrorist cell in South America and other units had failed to get them out. My objective was to get them out and sanction the terrorist cell in a manner that would be an example for other and to get as much Intel as possible in any way necessary regarding their organization. Since it was South America I could get pretty nasty and know that it would be cleaned up. I was dropped in by sub and transferred to the mainland by raft where I was meet by a Navel Seal who explained to me what the issues where and what had transpired to date. He wasn't happy that I was there and didn't like taking orders from me and let me know that up front, after all he was a Navy Seal and I was an Intel operative, but he had clear orders from so far up that he thought they were kidding and had double verified. The problem was that the hostages were deep under ground in an old temple that had been fortified and the only way of neutralizing it was by air which would have killed the hostages. The terrorist cell consisted of of about 50 heavily armed men. To make a long story short after a couple days of scouting and monitoring there communications I was able to break their code fairly easily which gave me an advantage and a 6 man Seal team. I was a little concerned about how they were going to handle this mission to be honest, because I was told to make an example of this group, which meant getting wet and dirty not exactly what these men were trained for, since they were trained to do clean kills and get out. I had to inspire terror into this terrorist cell and also extract what information I could about their other activities.The plan was to send a false communication that would send men to the north of the structure while I entered from the south. I was able to enter through the south side of the temple and the use of a drug get the information I needed from one of the enemy about the hostage location. I made my way to the hostages and got them out of the south side when I gave the ok for the Seal Team to move in with orders to not kill ranking combatants. I went back in and used standard Ninja practices to kill about 2 dozen more men making rather bloody examples of them as ordered. The leader of the cell was resistant to the drugs I used to extract information, so after 24 hours of no results I started torture, he broke in 6 hours and gave up his contacts and other useful information. In Ninja lore there is a horrible method that effectively installs fear in your enemy. I took the second in command and left him alive sort of. You see I cut out his tongue, removed his limbs, punctured his eardrums so he couldn't hear and removed his eyes and what made him a man, and enlarged his anus so that he had no control of his bowel functions. So while alive he was in a bodily prison with no means of communication. I did it in such a way as he was still alive when I finished. To most men and me a fate worse then death but the perfect example to the other terrorists. You see that 3 month course on interrogation, drugs and torture that the USA gave me paid off. Mean while I had 4 men from the Seal Team take the hostages back to the LZ. The Seal Team now both respected me and was horrified by what I did, but that didn't matter to me. I beheaded the leaders and returned to the LZ with the Intel and hostages freed. That was one of my first missions. Later 3 men from that Seal Team became part of Omega Force. A couple years later I learned the hostages were actually investment bankers, at the time I thought well terrorists need to finance operations too. At the time it never occurred to me these men were part of the shadow government and played major roles in the big banks. I was a warrior pawn and didn't realize it at the time. In retrospect I believe that this so called terrorist cell was trying to stop the shadow government from seizing power and I unfortunately helped them do it, to my shame today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slavery or Freedom and Samuel Adams

Here is a quote from one of the founding fathers of America and the American Revolution. It is something that I think a lot of us need to think about today.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." - Samuel Adams

Think about what Samuel Adams just said most of you kiss your masters hands, the rich eilite, big banks, and the shadow government and forget that you are slaves. The only free men today are your masters because they can do what they want and you can't. Don't believe me, don't pay that credit card bill, rent or mortgage and see what happens when your masters don't get their money. All of you have slave chains it is just that you try to ignore this fact. This country even this world has gone so far south from the principles that started even way back in Rome when the people and slaves revolted to regain their freedom and liberty from the Caesars and the corrupt government isn't about time that not just America wakes up but the entire world and realize that slaves they have become. I personally will not die as a slave, I may die but I will never become a slave to this current regime I will die free. My eyes have been opened and I will never serve any master again.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So you think there is no shadow goverment

Well my fellow slaves maybe you should watch a very well done video that explains a few things. All through my training and through most of missions I believed I was serving my country and the constitution of the USA and saving many lives. I soon learned that their existed a shadow government which gave me a security clearance higher then the presidents. It wasn't until later that I realized that having a higher security clearance then the president that it meant that I was working for shadow world order that did what was necessary to protect itself and a lot of time that meant from so called terrorists that would hurt it's plans or cause massive loss life and that had to be prevented when other means including Delta Force failed then Omega Force was activated. We had one rule it was simple do whatever you need to do to get the job done and a team will clean up after you. This could include ops with large death tolls and collateral damage to getting the job done by getting the information needed through the use of drugs and torture to complete the mission. Here is an interesting video that everyone should watch..... watch while you can before it get shuts down.

Monday, April 19, 2010

How it all started

I have often wondered how I came to be the man I am today and I guess it started in junior high. You remember they gave you those IQ tests that decided what track you would take in High School and life in general. I guess my mistake was scoring too high. When I scored 192 on the test my life started to change. All of a sudden my parents got a visit from a gentleman from supposedly the department of education letting them know that they would be happy to fund my educational expenses until college and I could decide then whether or not I would go and how it would be payed for at that time. Well as most of you know a free ride is hard to find and my parents wanted the best for me so I got sent to the best private schools and was put on the fast track to MIT. Obviously since I came form a middle class family MIT's tuition was out of reach so I agreed to work for 3 years for the government in exchange for my tuition. At MIT I excelled and got my PHD before I was twenty and my dissertation became classified because it became my project upon graduation for the NSA. Some people may have heard of the darpa net but I created an inter intelligence network called the Intellinet. I was never very good with names. As I continued work others who worked at lower levels then myself left and eventually created what today is called the Internet. Funny how others are quick to take credit for other people's ideas. Well working for the NSA I was approached by another branch called Omega section. That is were I started my career in black operations and spent 3 more years studying and taking performance enhancement drugs. I learned the art of assassination from a Ninja master as well as modern weapon training, explosives, torture and integration (oh that's right the USA doesn't do things like that) and other useful classes including training with the US Army special forces and the Navy Seals, that made me into a super warrior who had the brains and brawn to handle missions when all other methods had failed. After I had proved myself in the field I got to pick others to join my team and my code name was Azrael the angel of death.

Welcome to my life and death

Here I reveal a life that most will think is fiction because I will talk about things that a great many people in power want kept secret and they will most likely try to discredit me and I will most likely have an unfortunate accident in the near future. I have lived by the sword and I most likely will die by the sword. Hopefully with my own sword and my honor intact. I hope that you the average person will listen carefully to what I have to say here for you will hear some very uncomfortable truths including the fact that your a slave to the shadow government. Think that is impossible think about your pitiful little life what do you do. You wake up at a certain time to work for someone else most likely you work, eat and sleep on their terms so you are provided with lifes necessity's and if your real good you get a few days to yourself every year. Oh and you get to give a sizable portion of your income to the government. But you say you have a wife and kids again they are regulated by the man and the government. I believe in Rome these people were called slaves and that is what most people really are and the shadow government runs your lives for you, whether you like it or not. Welcome to the real world slave of the shadow government. Perhaps that is hard for you to take but I'm done with lies and will only speak the truth here. Your life is not your own and there is no freedom except what the elite rich, bankers, and the shadow government allow you to have. Most of you are slaves and welcome to the realization of your real place in life.