Monday, April 19, 2010

How it all started

I have often wondered how I came to be the man I am today and I guess it started in junior high. You remember they gave you those IQ tests that decided what track you would take in High School and life in general. I guess my mistake was scoring too high. When I scored 192 on the test my life started to change. All of a sudden my parents got a visit from a gentleman from supposedly the department of education letting them know that they would be happy to fund my educational expenses until college and I could decide then whether or not I would go and how it would be payed for at that time. Well as most of you know a free ride is hard to find and my parents wanted the best for me so I got sent to the best private schools and was put on the fast track to MIT. Obviously since I came form a middle class family MIT's tuition was out of reach so I agreed to work for 3 years for the government in exchange for my tuition. At MIT I excelled and got my PHD before I was twenty and my dissertation became classified because it became my project upon graduation for the NSA. Some people may have heard of the darpa net but I created an inter intelligence network called the Intellinet. I was never very good with names. As I continued work others who worked at lower levels then myself left and eventually created what today is called the Internet. Funny how others are quick to take credit for other people's ideas. Well working for the NSA I was approached by another branch called Omega section. That is were I started my career in black operations and spent 3 more years studying and taking performance enhancement drugs. I learned the art of assassination from a Ninja master as well as modern weapon training, explosives, torture and integration (oh that's right the USA doesn't do things like that) and other useful classes including training with the US Army special forces and the Navy Seals, that made me into a super warrior who had the brains and brawn to handle missions when all other methods had failed. After I had proved myself in the field I got to pick others to join my team and my code name was Azrael the angel of death.

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